Policies and Student Guidelines

Airborne Agility Policies and Student Guidelines


As the number of Airborne Agility LLC students have grown, it has become necessary to publish basic courtesy reminders as well as  facility rules.

Privates and class drop ins are to be paid for prior to class start.  Mistakes happen but if you realize that you owe money, please send us a note and follow up with mailing the check.

We all arrive early to walk dogs, etc. but PLEASE do not go ringside until 5-10 minutes of your private.  Some working dogs are distracted and this takes away from their training time.  Also, the person in the ring is paying for the time so engaging Tracy or the student in conversation isn’t fair.  This includes comments and suggestions.

Unless you have rented another ring at the facility they are not available for warm up.  Walking your dog around outside of the rings is fine but using the equipment is not permitted.  Airborne Agility only pays for the ring in which Tracy is teaching.  If you are interested in renting a ring please contact the facility.




Airborne Agility does not provide make-ups for missed classes a handler can not attend.

However, within a session there will be 6 classes offered by the instructor. If unable, due to weather, schedule, and or other circumstances a makeup class will be scheduled or a voucher will be issued.

Class Spots may NOT be sold or traded if you are unable to make a class.



As with any business, Airborne Agility is required to pay expenses associated with agility events, regardless of attendance. Some of these expenses include facility & equipment rental, maintenance and business items such as taxes, staff fees and insurance costs. It is for these reasons the following refund policy has been put in place and will be adhered to regardless of the situation.

Airborne Agility reserves the right to move dog and handler teams to a different class and/or session as needed and for any reason including but not limited to, better fit their agility knowledge, ensure they are able to participate in the full class and to improve their potential for success.

If excused for any reason including, but not limited to, failure to follow the facility rules, consistent unsafe handling, not following direction, the use of profanity, disorderly conduct, animal or people abuse or disrespect, extreme aggression or an uncontrollable dog, no refund will be given.

Refunds are given only if requested in writing and within 24 hours of registration.



Full payment is due at time of registration.

No slots will be held without full payment.

Refunds will only be provided if slots can be filled.



You must have prior permission before dropping into a class. If the class is full you will not be able to attend that class time slot.

Voucher must be presented at class time.

Vouchers must be used within the following session it was issued.

Vouchers are only valid for a class slot.